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Clay & Susan

Founder - Clay Nash

Apostle Clay has become a powerful prophetic voice declaring the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s everyday lives. As an apostle, he has founded and led numerous assemblies of believers as well as a network of relational covenants with ministers throughout the world. 

Clay serves on the team of Network Ekklesia International along with Dutch Sheets and Ken Malone as well as Global Spheres with Chuck Pierce and C. Peter Wagner. He has a doctorate in theology and is married to Susan, his wife of 41 years. They have three children, four grandchildren and countless spiritual sons and daughters.

God continues to use Clay in the areas of supernatural signs and wonders, releasing apostolic authority and Godly wisdom.  Clay and Susan have a passion for the body of Christ to inhabit their true purpose by discovering who they are in Christ and being grounded in spiritual realities. 

"Apostle Clay Nash is an amazing blend, almost a paradox of sorts. He is a 'Great Man of Faith' meets 'Scientist / Researcher' who can talk about the sands of Egypt and fabric of the universe in one sitting. He possesses the razor sharp discernment of a prophet and the tender heart of a shepherd. He may pull up on a loud Harley and then lead you into stillness of the Glory." -CityGate Member

Dan & Vickie

Pastoral Team - Dan and Vickie Billman

The Pastoral Team is here to provide an atmosphere in people’s lives that gives a sense of purpose, protection, and belonging. It is to lead people to a place of maturity that translates into a fulfilled life.  In all, helping people realize their ability to accomplish their own vision as well as fulfilling the larger vision of the church. Dan and Vickie are over our pastoral team here at The CityGate and there are several pastors available to mister to people and build them up.


Matt & Natalie

CityGate Worship - Matt & Natalie Coss

We seek to lead worship in freedom and with purpose through music, discipleship and relationship as we raise up followers of Holy Spirit. We seek to raise up worship leader that lead worship both on and off the stage. Our goal is to equip, train, lead, and mentor musicians to be burning ones that draw strength, wisdom, and revelation from the Word of God and Holy Spirit.


Ian & Brea

CityGate Youth - Ian & Brea Withrow

The CityGate Youth exists to equip young world changers with passion, understanding, and wisdom of God as well as helping them discover their true purpose and destiny in Him. CityGate Youth is focused on raising up true worshipers who are one with Holy Spirit and one with His word. Ian and Brea Withrow lead this group of mighty warriors raising them up to let every aspect of their lives be a reflection of God’s love while focusing on establishing His Kingdom on earth. 


 Dan & Vickie

Dan & Vickie


Dan & Vickie Billman

Dan and Vickie lead the Pastoral Team at The CityGate, providing purpose, protection, and belonging to anyone at The CityGate. Dan and Vickie also lead our Prophetic and Healing Teams, teaching people to develop their prophetic gifting and other avenues of love to express the Father’s heart. Vickie started the Dream Team, which you can read more about under the “ministries” section of our website.

 Thomas & Kathy

Thomas & Kathy


Thomas & Kathy Lostritto

Thomas leads a small, confidential group that focuses on acceptance right where you are.  The group encourages honesty in a safe atmosphere. It’s called The Journey. Thomas and Kathy help make wise decision for this apostolic house.

 Henry & Mary

Henry & Mary


Mary Thomas

Although Henry went to be with the Lord, Mary remains an elder on our leadership team. She serves the church in many capacities, especially within hospitality and service.